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Every business has a lot going on. Money going out, money coming in, new strategies employed to achieve goals, and all done with limited amounts of time and resources to get the job done. Naturally anyone running a business wants to know if what they are doing is working, but even more importantly what areas are not working and what to do about it.

In order to accomplish this there are some solid techniques to track what is going on, put that information in a constantly updating real time dashboard for easy reference, and also to generate customized reports based on any new criteria you wish to know about. Processes can be easily designed to improve consistency and eliminate recurring mistakes in everything from sales to inventory to communicating with clients. Armed with this information you will be far better equipped to come up with a plan to achieve your goals, manage your resources, and advance your business with decisions backed by relevant data rather than “shooting from the hip”.

Becker Professional Service’s mission is to provide you with solutions for these issues and many more.

Salesforce.com Implementation

Customize Salesforce along your company’s business guidelines rather than having to adjust your business to fit the software.

Process Improvement

Along with proper documentation comes an increase in communication and a more professional culture within an organization

Salesforce.com Customization

Keep your organization fresh by making sure to get the most out of your existing Salesforce setup!

Improve Your Business

Documenting and defining processes is an often-overlooked aspect of running a company. Taking the time to go through the important functions in your business can be an eye-opening experience for many, but yields a deeper understanding of what’s really happening, or not happening, in your organization.

When all is said and done our goal is to leave our clients with a thorough understanding of what is happening in their business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  This understanding will come in the form of up to date information available in easy to understand reports and dashboards highlighting the important aspects of your company’s performance, enabling you or your managers to make data-driven decisions and prioritize their valuable time effectively.

Taking your company to the next level!


Patrick Becker was pivotal in getting our small business up and running quickly and at a great value. His initial implementation of Salesforce and the ongoing optimizations he has performed for us provide our team with the tracking metrics that any good business owner would hope to see. I can't imagine what running a business would be like without the insights afforded by his efforts. He is thorough and thoughtful in his work and a pleasure to do business with. 

Karim El-Katcha
Owner, MightyMite Termite

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